Michael & Karryl Wedding

This is one of our favorite weddings not only because this was a beautiful wedding but also because of the hospitality of the couple and their families. Weddings are usually hectic occasions and we, suppliers, dont demand to be pampered and all, but we definitely appreciate when couples (and relatives) take good care of us.

What I love about wedding photography is witnessing two people in love. And I look at Michael and Karryl and I see a relationship that should be emulated. I see how sweet they are to each other and how they enjoy the simple pleasures in life and how they still stay close to their families.

And also always a pleasure working with Cebu’s finest: Snoogie, Wenwen Zaspa, Romoff, and Digital Minds.

Coordination: Snoogie Mata-Reynes
Gown: Anthony Romoff
HMUA: Wenwen Zaspa
Video: Digital Minds
Band: Acushla

Bride Dress-up: Dayon Residence
Groom Dress-up: Dohera Hotel Mandaue
Shangrila Hotel

 photo MKW1.jpg

 photo MKW2.jpg

 photo MKW3.jpg

 photo IMG_9313copy.jpg

 photo MKW4.jpg

 photo MKW6.jpg

 photo IMG_9392.jpg

 photo IMG_9340-1.jpg

 photo IMG_9303.jpg

 photo IMG_9374.jpg

 photo MKW5.jpg

 photo IMG_9298.jpg

 photo MKW9.jpg

 photo MKW7.jpg

 photo MKW8.jpg

 photo IMG_9431.jpg

 photo IMG_9285.jpg

 photo IMG_9397.jpg

 photo MKW11.jpg

 photo MKW13.jpg

 photo MKW15.jpg

 photo IMG_0990.jpg

 photo IMG_9333.jpg

 photo MKW12.jpg

 photo IMG_0948.jpg

 photo IMG_9329.jpg

 photo MKW18.jpg

 photo MKW14.jpg

 photo MKW20E.jpg

 photo MKW10.jpg

 photo MKW22.jpg

 photo MKW20.jpg

 photo MKW17.jpg

 photo MKW19.jpg

 photo MKW21.jpg

 photo IMG_7597.jpg

 photo IMG_9648.jpg

 photo MKW27.jpg

 photo IMG_1100.jpg

 photo MKW26.jpg

 photo IMG_9657.jpg

 photo IMG_9535.jpg

 photo MKW29.jpg

 photo IMG_1190.jpg

 photo IMG_9632.jpg

 photo MKW25.jpg

 photo IMG_9552.jpg

 photo IMG_9557.jpg

 photo IMG_9635.jpg

 photo MKW24.jpg

 photo MKW28.jpg

 photo MKW30.jpg

 photo MKW31.jpg

 photo IMG_9717.jpg

 photo MKW32.jpg

 photo IMG_9746.jpg

 photo MKW33.jpg

 photo IMG_9748.jpg

 photo MKW34.jpg

 photo MKW35.jpg

 photo MWK36.jpg

 photo IMG_9767.jpg

 photo MKW37.jpg

 photo MKW39.jpg

 photo MKW40.jpg

 photo MKW41.jpg

 photo mkw42.jpg

 photo IMG_3264.jpg

 photo MKW43.jpg

 photo MKW44.jpg

 photo MKW46.jpg

 photo MKW45.jpg

 photo MKW47.jpg

 photo IMG_9936.jpg

 photo IMG_8138.jpg

 photo IMG_1314.jpg

 photo IMG_9973.jpg

 photo MKW48.jpg

 photo MKW49.jpg

 photo IMG_8166.jpg

 photo MKW50.jpg

 photo MKW51.jpg

 photo IMG_2436.jpg

 photo MKW54.jpg

 photo MKW52.jpg

 photo MKW56.jpg

 photo MKW57.jpg

 photo IMG_0228.jpg

 photo MWK59.jpg

 photo MKW53.jpg

 photo MKW55.jpg

 photo MWK60.jpg

 photo MKW58.jpg

 photo IMG_0157.jpg

 photo IMG_0108.jpg

 photo MWK61.jpg

 photo IMG_8409.jpg

 photo MWK62.jpg

 photo IMG_0422.jpg

 photo IMG_0437.jpg

 photo IMG_0443.jpg

 photo IMG_8458.jpg

 photo MWK64.jpg

 photo MWK63.jpg

 photo mwk65.jpg

 photo IMG_0561.jpg

 photo IMG_0526.jpg

 photo IMG_0168.jpg

 photo MWK66.jpg

 photo MWK67.jpg

 photo IMG_0703.jpg

 photo IMG_0734.jpg

 photo IMG_0748.jpg

 photo IMG_0143.jpg

 photo IMG_0161.jpg

 photo IMG_0193.jpg

 photo IMG_0195.jpg

 photo IMG_0082.jpg

 photo MWK68.jpg

2 Responses to “Michael & Karryl Wedding”
  1. Jeff says:

    Bai Jon, Lovely photos you got here. I especially enjoyed browsing through each one of them. Prettiness all around 🙂

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