JR & Angel Wedding

I have a lot of catching up to do here. A lot of beautiful weddings over the past months that we can’t wait to get them posted.

We start with one of the simplest weddings we’ve witnessed. No frills, no gimmicks. Just a very simple gathering of the closest relatives and friends. What this wedding lack in details and props, they compensate it with their looks–very goodlooking bride&groom! JR and Angel are also super sweet and nice. They dont have any entourage for their big day except for the cutest ring bearer and the cutest flower girl.

I must also add that the Ronald Enrico gown looks absolutely divine on Angel! =)

Enjoy the photos!

Gown: Ronald Enrico
HMUA: Jessie Glova (reception)
Shiera Aggari (post-nup)

 photo JAW1.jpg

 photo IMG_4386.jpg

 photo IMG_4379.jpg

 photo IMG_4358.jpg

 photo JAW3.jpg

 photo IMG_4363.jpg

 photo IMG_4307.jpg

 photo JAW2.jpg

 photo JAW10.jpg

 photo JAW11.jpg

 photo JAW12.jpg

 photo JAW4.jpg

 photo IMG_4394.jpg

 photo JAW5.jpg

 photo JAW6.jpg

 photo IMG_4387-1.jpg

 photo JAW7.jpg

 photo JAW8.jpg

 photo JAW9.jpg

 photo JAW14.jpg

 photo JAW15.jpg

 photo JAW16.jpg

 photo JAW17.jpg

 photo IMG_4503.jpg

 photo IMG_4553.jpg

 photo JAW13.jpg

 photo IMG_4533.jpg

 photo IMG_4619.jpg

 photo IMG_4546.jpg

 photo JAW18.jpg

 photo IMG_4671.jpg

 photo IMG_4673.jpg

 photo IMG_4734.jpg

 photo IMG_4750.jpg

 photo JAW32.jpg

 photo JAW30.jpg

 photo JAW31.jpg

 photo IMG_4864.jpg

 photo IMG_4843.jpg

 photo IMG_4846.jpg

 photo IMG_4858.jpg

 photo IMG_4861.jpg

 photo IMG_4875.jpg

 photo JAW19.jpg

 photo IMG_4879-1.jpg

 photo IMG_6240-1.jpg

 photo IMG_6237.jpg

 photo IMG_6148.jpg

 photo IMG_6144.jpg

 photo IMG_6154.jpg

 photo JAW20.jpg

 photo IMG_6140.jpg

 photo JAW21.jpg

 photo JAW27.jpg

 photo IMG_6164.jpg

 photo JAW22.jpg

 photo IMG_6276-1.jpg

 photo JAW23.jpg

 photo JAW24.jpg

 photo JAW25.jpg

 photo JAW26.jpg

 photo IMG_6271.jpg

 photo IMG_6177.jpg

 photo IMG_6189.jpg

 photo IMG_6193.jpg

 photo IMG_6198.jpg

 photo IMG_6206.jpg

 photo JAW28.jpg

 photo IMG_6228-1.jpg

 photo IMG_6230.jpg

 photo JAW29.jpg

 photo IMG_6353.jpg


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