Pye & Coi Wedding

Today I’m posting a special wedding. Coi, the bride, is one of my sister’s barkada. I’ve known her ever since their college days at USC Fine Arts. As Fine Arts graduate, one should expect only beautiful & stylish things from this bride (with the help of coordinator-extraordinaire, Tisha Cue). Starting with the gorgeous Lord Maturan wedding gown and entourage dresses. And whimsical headpieces courtesy of Sepa (Lord Maturan and Dianne Espera of Sepa are both classmates of the bride).

For Pye, he was one of the easiest grooms to shoot. Cool and relaxed. He flew his family and friends all the way from Indonesia to witness this special occasion.

Enjoy the photos! =)


Bride Prep Shangrila Mactan
Groom Prep Parklane
Church Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral
Reception Shangrila Mactan

Coordination Tisha Cue of Bliss Unlimited
Bridal Gown & Entourage Lord Maturan
Sponsor Gowns Manuel Tumaque
Accessories SEPA
HMUA Jessie Glova
Videography Franz Arrogante
Photobooth SayCheese
Flowers Debbie Huang
Cake Got Cake
Reception Host Rommel Pareja

It was also nice to be working with Mark Cantalejo and team (Paopao Sanchez, Jun Lorico). =)

7 Responses to “Pye & Coi Wedding”
  1. lord says:

    i love your shots john!!! this is lord…. may i repost your link?

  2. jontolentino says:

    Hi Lord. Your gown and dresses were the best! Feel free to repost. Will tag you once ive uploaded this in FB. Thank you!

  3. mayang tan says:

    kuya jon nice kaau..:) love it! gwapa kaau ang mga BERTA
    two thumbs up!

  4. ish says:

    nice photos kuya… nus-a manta? hahah!

  5. darling says:

    oh my… how i wished we can work together one of these days… di pako kaafford nimo jon huhuh 😦

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