Will & Kristine Badian E-Session

Sometimes we take for granted what is around us. I’d always wish e-sessions were always held in exotic locales, in some foreign land. All because what is around us is all too familiar. So when our client requested that we shoot in Kawasan Falls in Badian, I was taken aback. Ive been to the falls numerous of times when I was a kid. Although I find it beautiful, it wasnt something i’d consider as a location for a pre-wedding shoot (not to mention the 30-minute trek).

Kristine & Will were in Cebu for a vacation from the US. Badian is Kristine’s mom’s hometown. So it was only fitting that we had the e-session in Badian. There was a downpour prior to our trek to the falls. This made the water brown. But the falls was as majestic as it was when I was a kid. The forest still lush. Im only disappointed with the buildings & rooms that have been constructed right near the falls. Local government should regulate these constructions. I wished we could’ve stayed longer for a dip but we needed to go to the equally beautiful Badian church to finish the shoot. This e-session made me appreciate the beauty we have here in our very own island.

In a spur-of-the -moment, Will picked a flower and gave it to Kristine. Sweet!

and the umbrella shot! =)

JTP: Jon & Christine
Hair & Make-up assisted by Grace Cueto

Big thanks to Morie, Mike, and Carla for the warm hospitality. ♥

2 Responses to “Will & Kristine Badian E-Session”
  1. i so fave the umbrella shot. hehe 🙂
    and the B&W too!

  2. Janjan says:

    i love the umbrella shot!

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